A former director of the Italian desk with Merrill Lynch Bank, Alberto G Brugnoni is the founder and Managing Partner of the Associazione per lo Sviluppo di Strumenti Alternativi e di Innovazione Finanziaria – ASSAIF, the oldest Islamic finance consultancy in Europe. Alberto regularly chairs the major Islamic finance forums worldwide and gives presentations in Arabic, English, French and Italian.

Founder and manager of NuoviStilidiVita a consultancy on sustainability, financial and social inclusion, ethical monies, complementary currencies, and added territorial value. In 2004-2007 the European Commission showcased NSdV as a best practice for its innovative policies and the development of non-financial scores to assess the credit rating of social entreprises.

Founder and President of DULCARNON a publishing house of Islamica that aims to make accessible to the Italian public important texts on Islamic spirituality.

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